Monday, March 8, 2010

Almost Spring

I must say that I've been in and out of a funk since December and am hoping that it dissipates with the going away of the cold weather and dreary days. Tomorrow and Wednesday I'll be working 12 hour shifts. I won't have time to do much else though I will do my best to attend the Financial Peace University that began in mid-Jan.
Got a letter from my brother today. I think we've both had intentions to write but it just hasn't happened. I'm sure I'll have some time tomorrow to do between updating an Excel workbook with self-taught formulas.
Today was a pretty good day. I accidently went to my doctor's appt an hour early but they were able to see me at that time. I'm glad for that 'cause otherwise I would have spent too much time in the waiting room with no magazines and only CNN to pass the time.
After lunch, I had to do a 6S inspection with the Group CC. He talked with the folks that worked in the building that we visited and I did the inspection. Colonel's prerogative.
I finished up the second book of the Left Behind series during my bubblebath this evening. Can't wait to start the next one but it will have to wait until tomorrow evening to get a start on it.

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