Thursday, July 16, 2015

Internal Conflict Due To Personal Integrity

What happens when you do something that goes against your personal integrity?  When you’re filled with internal conflict?  You make adjustments.  I’m opting to post this on my personal blog rather than my “professional” one because I feel it fits more here than there even though the subject matter very much has to do with what my “professional” blog is all about—finding the perfect fit for everyone.  The conflict lays in the fact that I WANT to do just that: find my customers the perfect fitting bra.  But how much do I have to compromise in order to do that while also selling the products that are available at Victoria’s Secret?
Most folks know that VS bras don’t fit everyone.  Anyone with a band size over 42 can tell you that.  Or a cup size over DDD/F.  The difficulty lays in giving the customers their perfect fitting and then having to sister size them into a VS bra even though it may not be one that really, truly fits.  I also have to keep in mind that, really, not everyone wants a bra that absolutely fits perfect; one that meets every facet of fit: projection, band size, cup size, fabric, tactile feel.  Some folks just want one that fits pretty darn good.  THOSE are the customers that I will focus on.  THEY are VS’s customers; along with the ones who DO get a perfect fit in a VS bra.

The flip side: sister sizing a 28 band into a 32 may not always work but I’ll do my best.  Same with those customers who are a G cup: if we’ve got their sister size band for an DDD/F cup, I’ll have them try it.  They just may be satisfied with it.  Not everyone is as picky as me.  I’m on a quest for a perfect fit, even if it means ordering 136 bras and sending back 135.