Thursday, October 29, 2009

Nearly Friday already?

This week has gone by pretty quick.
I ended up not taking my LB to the skating party Tuesday evening. I woke up that morning with the migraine that I went to bed with. I went to Fit Camp and then, when I got in to work, asked my Lieutenent if he would mind if I went home and took my meds and then came back when they kicked in...around 10am. He said "no prob." I got home, took the meds, and went to bed. I still had the headache when I got back to work but couldn't do anything about it. I knew if I went home from work that I wouldn't be able to take my LB skating. After another hour of feeling like a little man was smacking the inside of my skull with a mallet, I called my LB's mom and told her I wouldn't be able to take him skating. After I hung up, I told my Lt that I was gonna go to sick call.
I got there 45 minutes early but it's better to look sick at the clinic than it is to look sick at work. lol. The doctor turned out to be not very personable. He asked "how often do you get migraines?" I said "too often." "That's not what I asked," was his snotty reply. Nope, didn't like him one bit. Anyhow, he put me on quarters and prescribed me some meds. I went to pick those up before I left. Something for nausea and Codeine. Codeine! Are you kidding me? I don't need to be all drugged up. I just need to be able to crawl into my bed in a dark room and smoosh the hurting side of my head into the pillow. That's what I did as soon as I got home sans medicine and I slept from 2pm until 7pm. Got up, had soup and a nuked red potato and then went back to bed from 8pm until I had to get up the next morning at 5am. Migraine gone. I just need to keep to my sleep schedule. That being said, I have 24 minutes until bedtime. Night all.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween plans?

Please forgive any mispellings...I blame the migrain medication. It really hasn't been all that exciting since I got back from vacation and I'm perfectly okay with that. I was somewhere new every four to seven days while on vacation so doing as little as possible has its good side. My first week back began with a bang! I had a PT test that Monday morning and, as a failure result, I ended up back in the 6am Fit Camp.
Honestly, I'm not surprised. I hadn't worked out hard from the days following my surgery until, well, the Tuesday after my test failure. I couldn't do anything for a month; then I could do everything but it hurt so I didn't do a lot. Then I was on vacation so, although I ran every few days, I still didn't do much. So, now, I'm at the gym every morning Monday thru Friday; Biggest Loser Tuesdays; and some random days during the rest of the week. A lady at work is going to help me get started on a good strength training routine. I lift in the morning sessions but, let me tell you, 10lb weights are not going to get me stronger. I WANT big muscles. Give me muscley thighs any day. Let me have a hard time putting my pants on 'cause of strong muscles. Bigger muscles burn more calories. Buring calories help whittle the waist. It's a win-win situation.
As for work, I came back and jumped right into a Process Improvement Event that first week of October. It went really well. I worked a couple days at the part-time as well. Last week, I had to teach a class. Despite technical difficulties--Wilmington University had swapped out the instructors laptop with a new one and had neglected to tell us the password AND, of course, we had to reinstall the PowerPoint presentation that is our lecture. It was slow start but it went very well. This past weekend, I worked six hours each day at the part-time. I working on Halloween as well but I don't mind. Shoot! I put in the availability of every Friday evening and the main portions of both Saturday and Sunday. Every dollar in is a dollar more that I can apply to my budget somewhere.
I signed up for Cardio Kickboxing classes, not last Thursday, but the Thursday before then and have yet to go. Too many excuses. I'll make it one of these days. Tomorrow I'm taking my Little Brother to the Big Bro/Big Sis skating party at the roller rink. It'll be fun AND a workout.
I reached a milestone last Tuesday. $28000 in debt paid off! Talk about exciting!
You guys take care. My migraine meds are really kicking in.