Saturday, June 27, 2009

A week later and it doesn't hurt as bad.

By Monday, I was able to move around without wishing my head wasn't so heavy. I went to the doctor that morning and he diagnosed "cervical strain." Sounds kind of gynecological, doesn't it? He also put me on a profile for "no pushups, no situps, and no running"; which means the only part of my PT test that I could do would be: taping my ab circumference. That's not good. Max points I would get for my 34.5 inch waist would be 71. I need 75. Anyhow, he also gave me Tramadol for the pain. I took it at 1oam Monday morning and had a buzz by 11am. I couldn't even leave for lunch 'cause I didn't trust myself to drive. One of my coworkers shared her lunch with me. Thank goodness. I took another pill Monday night with the thought that the "buzz" would/could happen while I was sleeping.
Unfortunately, that wasn't the case but I didn't realize it until I was halfway to work Tuesday morning. We had Commander's Call at 5:45am because someone got a DUI. Halfway through it, I had to rush to the bathroom so that I could be sick. So much for breakfast. An hour or so after the CC Call was over, I went to sick call. They tried to get me to come back that afternoon cause it was 8:01 and sick call was over at 8am. I said: "I'm having a reaction to the medication the doctor gave me. I don't think waiting til this afternoon would be a smart move." Long story, short: no pain medication for me. I'm allergic to Ibuprofen products so I can't even take an anti-inflamatory.
My neck is currently just a little sore. The profile my doc put me on expired Friday. That would mean I would have to test all components of the PT test. It hurt to do situps and I didn't want to injure myself further and run the risk of failing my PT test. See, the Fitness Director has us do pushups and situps first, then we run. If I did situps before I ran, I might hurt myself to a point that it would compromise how I performed on the run. So, back to the doc I get an amended profile--no pushup, no situps but run okay. I got that. Yeah!
So, I test this coming week. Sometime before Friday because Friday is our holiday day off and Monday, the day my PT test is due by, is a base down day. Wish me luck and have a good weekend.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Damn! That hurts!

I don't know how it happened but I managed to hurt myself in such a way that I can't move my neck, shoulders, or head without some serious pain. I feel like I did neck lifts with a thousand pound weight. You know how it feels when you sleep wrong and you can turn your head all the way without a bit of discomfort. Well, multiply that by 100. It hurts so bad that I feel like a baby who can't lift her head 'cause it's too heavy. My BBF here brought me one of those microwavable thingies that rests on your shoulders to alleviate some pain. It's working...a little bit. I was fine yesterday but as my sleep wore on last night it became harder and harder to roll over without pain. This morning, it took all my strength just to do so.
I think this is God's way of saying "take it easy", "no days off for 22 days is not something to be proud of." So, I'm sitting on my butt and watching TV with as little movement as possible. I'm just glad it doesn't hurt to click the mouse button or type. lol. Have a good weekend.
Five more duty days until my PT test.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Surgery side affects and it hasn't even happened yet!

I had to stop taking my birth control pill three weeks prior to my surgery. Well, that time frame began three days ago. The hormones are definitely in opposition. I'm not sleeping well. I'm tired when I wake up. I'm tired all day. I've gotten a headache every day this week. Today's was a migraine. I will be going to bed as soon as I'm done typing this. My period, which should have ended Sunday with the beginning of a new pill pack, didn't end because it probably thinks it's got free reign now. I've gained three pounds because I'm eating out of boredom again. I'm not bored but my hormones think I'm still premenstrual. My face is breaking out in a week when it normally is the clearest. Grrr!! Double Grrr!! Triple Grrr!!! 11 days until I retest for PT. I can't afford to gain weight. 18 days til my surgery. I can't afford to hormonally trip for that time period. I've told everyone in my office my situation just so they're aware of why I might be a little "off" in the coming days. This is no fun. God is certainly getting prayers for strength and patience these days.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Life is going by too quickly!

It's mid-month Payday already!! I'm excited because this will be my first big ($1000) payment towards my Art debt. It's gonna be real exciting to watch that beast drop so drastically every month. It's exciting to think that I'll be consumer debt free (fingers crossed) by Christmas 2010. I've put in a ton of hours at Vicky's Secret these past few weeks. I put in that I was available any day except Tues/Thurs. What do they do? Schedule me for every day except Tues/Thurs. Thankfully, that availability ends this coming week...but they still have me scheduled for every day that I'm available...even next weekend when I'm working the Dover Air Force Base Open House/Air Show. 10 hours on Saturday and 14 on Sunday. I would so much rather sort panties and sell bras for our Semi-Annual Sale than to have to hang out on base for that much time--24 hours in a 48 hour period is just TOO much!
On a separate note, if you didn't notice my weight ticker up at the top, I'm down below 170lbs. This is my lowest weight since January 2006, so I'm very excited about that. I have 10 more lbs to go until I reach the weight that counts full points for BMI/ab circumference on my PT test. Along that same vein...I had my pre-op appointment two days ago...for my liposuction surgery. I'll be sure to post "Before" pics prior to the procedure so that you can see what it looks like on someone you "know." I won't post "After" pics for probably a month or two post-op--gotta give the swelling some time to go down.
So, other than working the two jobs and sitting on my butt the few evenings that I don't have to work the part-time, I haven't been doing much. Have a good weekend.