Saturday, May 11, 2013

The vacation is almost over.

I'm closing in on my departure date.  I can count--on fingers and toes--the number of days left.  I'm ready for home.  I like the folks that I work with but I'm very ready to not see them for days on end.  There's a reason they're called "days off"'s so that you'll be away from work and those who are at work will have a break from your specific personality for that day.  I know folks were glad when I had my day off.  There was no one to correct them on the escalating level of innuendo--it's to the point that I can't stem the tide; I'm just that worn down from doing so.  There is no one to correct them on the fact that you can't, in fact, where your effing ear buds on the flightline.  Oh, wait, there are folks there that CAN correct them...but they don't.  I don't know why they don't.  I imagine it's cause they have other pet peeves.
I'm ready to get the dirt out of my skin; dirt and grease that has been embedded in the creases of my fingers; grease and oil that poses a daily hazard of possibly giving me a migraine.  But, God forbid, I not do that specific task.  I "suck it up" cause that's what I'm supposed to do.  You can't be in maintenance without getting dirty well...I HATE MAINTENANCE!!! 
The next 35 months will be spent doing all that I can to prepare my guys for their years ahead in the Air Force and preparing myself for life afterwards.  There is $42,000 in debt to be paid off--a home equity loan, a vehicle, and a credit card.  There is a degree that I may complete more classes towards.  There is a house that I may prepare to move out of once that degree is complete.  There is a life to live because I want to honor those who were not able to get any further in theirs.
Tomorrow is Mother's Day and I so wish that I could spend it with Mom.  Soon enough, I will be able to call her and find out how she is really doing and catch up on six months of missed biweekly phone calls.