Monday, November 30, 2015

The Last Stint on Nightshift

It's been a rough month.  I switched to nightshift at the end of October--Halloween and Daylight Savings ended on my 2nd night.  Normally, when I go to nightshift, I roll right into keeping the same schedule on my days (nights) off so that I can get accustomed to a regular sleep schedule.  That has yet to happen and I don't see it happening at all.  Three days after starting the schedule, I had a 9:30am appointment.  Didn't get to sleep until 1pm and had to be up at 6:15pm--my get-up time for my 8pm shifts. 

Almost had a sleep schedule down that week and then I had a 0800-1200 class on the 12th.  This really put me on the path to sleeping like a dayshifter again.  Five days later, another 9am appointment.  Then, on the 22nd, I had a meeting to attend for part-time 9am.  Got home to a message that my grandmother--my mom's stepmom--had passed away.  Called my brother.  Called other family members.  Finally fell asleep around 3pm.  Up at 6:15pm.

Two days later, attempted to do my 8am PT test but a migraine had other plans for me.  Did go to a 1pm doctor's appointment that afternoon.  The PT test got rescheduled to a few days from 2:30pm...go figure.  This is the second reschedule.  We'll see.  As it was, I had a 9am doctor's appointment and I'm still not on a night shift sleep schedule so I think I got four hours of sleep today, before shift, after sleeping like a dayshifter Sunday night.  Ugh.

Two weeks and I'll be on vacation--no need to sleep on dayshift then.  Hell, I have only six days of work between now and then and there's no stretch of more than three.  Why should I even try to sleep during the day.  Ugh.  Again.

January brings about a week of nights and then I'm having surgery with a couple weeks of convalescent leave.  Won't need to sleep during the day then either.  I should just go to dayshift but, then, I wouldn't get anything done that I've been doing at work.  lol. 

Back to the grind.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Veteran's Day 2015...Let's Revisit This Post...

From last year...
Veteran's Day 2014

With the Congressional pawn that the military has been and continues to be, I still can't recommend it as a career.  Every year, there are fewer and fewer who have served serving in public office.  It's a shame and I can only hope that it changes soon.  As much as Congress is cutting the numbers, there are fewer and fewer positions *to* serve in the military.  As our higher ranking officers continue to act like politicians--rather than the soldiers, Airmen, Marines, and Naval personnel that they are--it's really disheartening.
Those Generals and Admirals need to do a better job of looking out for their people rather than just looking out for their behinds.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A Milestone: 100th Post. 100 Things On My Bucket List (In No Particular Order)

  1. Run a 10K
  2. Run a marathon
  3. Manage a bra store (of non-matrix sizes)
  4. Own a bra store (of non-matrix sizes)
  5. Own a chain of bra stores (of non-matrix sizes)
  6. Make the Bonus for $800+ on a consistent weekly basis at WHBM in 2016 and beyond
  7. Provide Self Esteem workshops on a regular basis for at-risk girls
  8. Move to Carmel, Indiana (if it suits)
  9. Finish my Bachelor's in Business Management by 2019
  10. Write a book
  11. Publish a book
  12. Visit Niagara Falls
  13. Have $10,000 in my savings account
  14. Have $25,000 in my savings account
  15. Have $50,000 in my savings account
  16. Have $75,000 in my savings account
  17. Have $100,000 in my savings account
  18. Have no credit card debt when I retire from the military
  19. Have no debt at all by the time I'm 50.
  20. Fully implement the Kondari method of decluttering
  21. Learn to shoot a pistol
  22. Learn to shoot a pistol with accuracy
  23. Take up archery as a regular hobby
  24. Learn belly danicing
  25. Learn ballet
  26. Do either (or both) well
  27. Get back to drawing and sketching
  28. Learn to knit (again)
  29. Go to Scotland
  30. Take a Uniworld cruise
  31. Go to Hawaii
  32. Go to Ireland
  33. Go to Prague and visit the Naprstek Museum
  34. Write notes regularly to my friends
  35. Send birthday cards to my friends
  36. Write my memoirs
  37. Get to know my SIL better
  38. Learn to ride a horse
  39. Learn to ice skate
  40. Attend a Britney Spears Vegas concert without breaking the bank
  41. Paint on a canvas
  42. Create a book of photographs of a not-so-well-known photographer (love you Dad!)
  43. Learn to waterski
  44. Grow a garden
  45. To make my house completely mine and in my taste.
  46. Go to Harry Potter World in Florida
  47. Be a tourist in Chicago
  48. Be a tourist in D.C.
  49. Take a cruise to nowhere
  50. Drive a Camaro
  51. Take up yoga
  52. Be a tourist in Seattle (again)
  53. Navigate a glider
  54. Be a tourist in Jackson Hole
  55. Stay at the Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, CT
  56. Be a tourist in Providence, RI
  57. Visit San Francisco again
  58. Visit Las Vegas
  59. Spend a week at a nice beach
  60. Grow a garden in my back yard
  61. Read all the books in my home library
  62. Fix the attic
  63. Finish installing flooring throughout the house
  64. Install new carpet in the master bedroom
  65. Repaint the exterior doors
  66. Fix the kitchen door
  67. Install new windows in the attic
  68. Learn to golf
  69. Visit Ground Zero
  70. Visit the Holocaust Museum (but not on the same day as Ground Zero)
  71. See the Spruce Goose and Queen Mary
  72. Visit friends whom I haven't yet met in person
  73. Visit family whom I haven't seen in years, decades even
  74. For my other blog to become a well-known and recommended resource about bras and bra fittings
  75. Learn to ride a motorcycle (and actually get out of 2nd gear)
  76. Be an extra in a PG-rated movie
  77. Meet Hugh Jackman
  78. Find a career that I love so that I don't have to "work" another day
  79. Find love again
  80. Help someone change their life for the better
  81. Help ten people change their lives for the better
  82. Help 100s of people change their lives for the better
  83. Find more worth in the real world
  84. Make it through the next four months on night shift (always feels like it takes forever)
  85. Fix up my bicycle so that I can ride it more often
  86. Be more positive
  87. Complain less
  88. Do more good things
  89. Do more for others
  90. Be more selfless
  91. Know that life
  92. Isn't incomplete
  93. If you can't
  94. Make a list
  95. Of a 100 things
  96. That you want 
  97. To Accomplish
  98. In
  99. Your
  100. Life
This took more than a month to create.  I better get started.  :D