Monday, November 30, 2015

The Last Stint on Nightshift

It's been a rough month.  I switched to nightshift at the end of October--Halloween and Daylight Savings ended on my 2nd night.  Normally, when I go to nightshift, I roll right into keeping the same schedule on my days (nights) off so that I can get accustomed to a regular sleep schedule.  That has yet to happen and I don't see it happening at all.  Three days after starting the schedule, I had a 9:30am appointment.  Didn't get to sleep until 1pm and had to be up at 6:15pm--my get-up time for my 8pm shifts. 

Almost had a sleep schedule down that week and then I had a 0800-1200 class on the 12th.  This really put me on the path to sleeping like a dayshifter again.  Five days later, another 9am appointment.  Then, on the 22nd, I had a meeting to attend for part-time 9am.  Got home to a message that my grandmother--my mom's stepmom--had passed away.  Called my brother.  Called other family members.  Finally fell asleep around 3pm.  Up at 6:15pm.

Two days later, attempted to do my 8am PT test but a migraine had other plans for me.  Did go to a 1pm doctor's appointment that afternoon.  The PT test got rescheduled to a few days from 2:30pm...go figure.  This is the second reschedule.  We'll see.  As it was, I had a 9am doctor's appointment and I'm still not on a night shift sleep schedule so I think I got four hours of sleep today, before shift, after sleeping like a dayshifter Sunday night.  Ugh.

Two weeks and I'll be on vacation--no need to sleep on dayshift then.  Hell, I have only six days of work between now and then and there's no stretch of more than three.  Why should I even try to sleep during the day.  Ugh.  Again.

January brings about a week of nights and then I'm having surgery with a couple weeks of convalescent leave.  Won't need to sleep during the day then either.  I should just go to dayshift but, then, I wouldn't get anything done that I've been doing at work.  lol. 

Back to the grind.

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