Thursday, July 7, 2016

Tuesdays at Forty: Money "Fun" is My Worst Stressor Right Now

Last week, I talked about feeling overwhelmed with all the stuff that I need to get done.  Well, that ball is rolling.  The biggest stressor is having to pay for stuff that I didn't need to before--health insurance, dental insurance, having to pay to get copies made of my medical records--and that was increased quite a bit at the end of the week.

My poor little Jeep Liberty--she of 11 years and more than 120,000 miles--had to get some much needed maintenance taken care of.  That cost me more than $4000.  Now, I realize it's not polite, per se, to discuss or share how much stuff ended up costing but $4000, in one big chunk, is quite a bite to swallow.  And that's on top of all the other stuff that I'm having to pay for (see above) as well as just living my life.

So...I'm still digesting it.  Pretty soon, it'll just be part of the landscape but, right now, while I'm still getting used to this new normal (which is barely two months old), I'm doing what I can to not implode.  Quite a few of the things on my "To Do" list are "To Done" and I'm glad for that.  Granted, new stuff gets added as time goes by but I'm getting there.  And, while I may fuss and moan and groan about the days that I have to work at the part-time, I'm thankful to have the shifts because that's more money to work with through the month.  And I'm thankful for my other avenues of income, no matter how large or small.  Every little bit helps.

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo