Saturday, December 6, 2008

December already????

Last weekend was pretty hectic and I was feeling a serious lack of sleep. Wednesday was great...went to FitCamp, then work, then home. Slept great cause I had no where to be until noon-ish on Thanksgiving day. I had a leisurely breakfast then headed over to a friend's to pick up a package that I had left over there--she's large in the boob dept so I had taken my new sports bras over for her to try on so that she could get a better idea of what size to order. Home girl is a 36G so any opportunity for "try on" is great. The bras that I had ordered where two different styles but with "34" bands. Needless to say, they were a little snug.
Anyhow, back to the hectic weekend. After I had left her house, I headed to the place where I would be spending my weekend babysitting two boys--ages 9 and 11. I got the lay of the land and then headed north to Philly to spend dinner with my dad and second mom. Got there at 3pm and left around 8pm. Got back to my place of babysitting around 9:30. I forgot to call my dad to let him know that I had made it so he called me at 11pm. I had just fallen asleep but woke up enough to answer his phone call and then promptly went back to sleep. At 3am, I heard my friends getting ready to head to the airport. I think they left within an hour. I woke up at 7am in order to get ready for work. The mall on Black can imagine how fast my day flew despite working a full 8 hour shift. I got back to the house around 6pm. The boys and I watched The Hulk and then hit the sack.
Saturday morning, I slept in til 10 but didn't feel rested due to having slept on a bed that wasn't my own. I worked at the mall from 1pm to 5pm, drove back to the house to eat and pick up the boys and then drove back to Dover to take them roller skating. We got there at 7pm. Three hours later, we headed back to their house. Sunday morning, I had to be at work at 8am. Thank goodness they let me leave early at 1pm instead of 3pm. I drove to my house to swap out clothes and to pick up my uniform and PT gear for Monday morning. After that, I headed back to pick up the boys and then drove back to the movie theatre (in the same mall where I work) so the boys and I could see Twillight. Which, if you're able to forget the book, is a good movie.
I stayed up that night to watch Britney: For the Record.
Monday morning, I was up at 4:30am so that Icould ensure I made it to the base gym by 6am for FitCamp. Same with Tuesday. The whole weekend I didn't sleep well cause I wasn't at home and I had to add 15 minutes to my travel time because I wasn't even in the same town that I actually live. I didn't actually get to bed before 10pm until Thursday night but still had to be up at 5am.
Now, I realize that some folks are used to having only six hours (or fewer) of sleep but I'm not. I don't function too well on fewer than seven and am even better with eight. Last night I was in bed by 10:30 but was able to sleep in until almost 8am. That was awesome. I might even go back to bed for a couple hours since I don't have to be at work until 12:45 this afternoon. Oh, decisions, decisions.
Have a good weekend.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Shopping online for clothes...ugh!!

I mentioned that I've had to go to Fit Camp every day M-F...well, it's working just not in the areas that I'd like to actually see results. My previous sports bras were 36DD and 36DDD depending upon which one I grabbed for the day. Well, they've gotten a little loose in the band size. I hook it at the smallest fit and it's still a little too "jiggley" so I went to my favorite site and picked out four new sports bras--two styles and two sizes from each. One fit. I expected this but it's still frustrating. Now, I need to fill out the exchange form and send back the other three and hope that they still have more in the one that fits. Grrrr!!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008


Who knew I had such good genes? This was taken last year on the first day of school.

And these are their adoptive parents. They're good looking, too. ;) I certainly know how to pick 'em. Despite thousands of miles of distance, we're definitely family.

Fit Camp

Two weeks ago, 20 Oct, I had my PT test. I did great on the run and pushups: 1.5 miles in 14:34 and 45 out of 40 pushups. I did decent on situps--29 out of 42. Unfortunately, to pass, I needed to have a 35" or less ab circumference. I measured at 37". So, now I'm in Fit Camp a.k.a. mandatory fitness. Today was day #6. We did a "mock" PT test. I wasn't going to kill myself if it didn't count. Plus, we ran on the road instead of the track and the route change affected my run two full minutes. :(

Anyhow, I also measured at a 38". I tell you...I hate how it's so easy to be inconsistently measured. There is no one spot to measure around. It varies from person to person from measurer to measurer. A situp is easy--start in the down position, come up, one; down again, up again, two; etc. Pushups you start in the up position but it has the same finite points of measurement. Not so with ab circumference. Don't believe me? Grab your tape measure. Okay, now find the top of your hip bone. Measure around. Take note of inches. Now, fully remove the tape measure and do it again...and again. Did you get exactly the same measurement each time? I didn't think so. Unless you have very definitely protruding hipbones...which I don't know anyone who does. Shoot! I feel bad for the ladies with a little bootie in the back cause their butt's getting measured too; not just their abs.

I'm in this program for the next 3-6 months; longer if I don't "test out." We go five days a week, M-F. I have no question that I will be able to kick butt. I do my best to get a great workout every time. PLUS...I'll be working out at other times as well. Tuesday nights, I go to the gym to watch the Biggest Loser. I tell you...watching fat people sweat and work hard inspires me. Wednesday afternoons, I do the HAWC walk. The HAWC is the Health And Wellness Center. Military just loves acronyms. Then Thursday is the running clinic. Both Wed and Thur are during lunch so I don't have to worry about staying up late on any day but Tuesday. I'm determined to get down to 160-165 in the next three months. For goodness sakes, it's only 15-20 lbs. I WILL SO DO THIS!!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

shopping on nov 1st

I bought 75 items, totaling $254.74, for $111.84. I will get back $51.96 in rebates at the end of the month making my out of pocket expense a net of $59.88.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Here's how I spent my Sunday:
Taped off...

Edges painted...

First and Second coat done...
It's a tester wall to see if I want to paint my bedroom the same color. I'm leaning towards "yes" but in semi-gloss instead of satin. The "sample" cans come in only satin finish.

Friday, October 24, 2008

More coupons...

Deer Park
Poland Spring
Over the Moon milk
Caribou coffee
New England coffee
Good Earth coffee
V8 Splash
Juicy Juice
Nescafe Taster's Choice
Promise SuperShots
Lawry's Spice blend
Mrs Dash seasoning blend
Kraft dressing (free produce when you buy two)
Lawry's marinade
Mrs Dash marinade
Smart Balance
Litehouse Asian dressing
Spectrum liquid flax oil
Heinz 57
Lea & Perrins
French's worcestershire
Ortega products
If you can't comment here, you can email me at nidena76 at the "g".

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More coupons...

Lundberg rice chip
BC Fruit snacks
Wrigleys gum
Weight Watchers candy
Snyder's of Hanover
Cheerios snack mix
Chex mix
EatSmart all natural snacks
Orville Redenbacher's natural gourmet popcorn
Emerald premium snacks
Sandies cookies
100 calorie granola bars
Nutrigrain bars
Tastykake cookie bar
Nature Valley
FiberOne chewy bars
Caribou Coffee bars
Chex mix bars
Quaker chewy bars
M&M's brand fun-size candies
Truenorth nut snacks
Weight Watchers snack cakes
Pep Farms baked naturals snacks
Hershey's extra dark bar/bag

To ensure a bra fits...

Basic measurements are (while wearing a decent fitting bra):
Around the top of the chest/under armpits
Around the fullest part of the breast (where the nipples are)
And then around the rib cage just under the breast.
Make sure your tape measure is not on any breast tissue with the bottom measurement. I've had a lot of customers come in and tell me that they were last measured at XX when, in fact, I just measured them at XX-3 because the last person to measure them didn't make sure that breast tissue and/or bra underwires weren't included in the measurement. I've even gone so far to ask women to please lift their breasts up so that I could ensure I wasn't measuring the bottom of their breast tissue. (Once the tape measure was in place, I had them let go)
Your band size will fall between the measurement under the armpits and the one around the ribcage. I can't give you an exact # because the rest of your structure will dictate which it is but it does give you a ball park figure.
For example, if I measure a customer at 38" under her armpits; 40" around her fullest part; and 36" around her ribcage, I will suggest a 38B and a 36D as places to start. You won't know what fits until the bra is on. From then, change only the size to find the correct one in that bra. Don't change bra and size unless it's super obvious that both are not suited.
If all your bras have padding in them, and that's what you're wearing when you measure, subtract a 1/2" or so or just measure a little snugger...not tight, but snug.
With fit, you want to ensure there are only two breasts. You don't want two hanging out the center and you don't want two squishing into your armpits. If you have this problem, try a larger cup.
If your breasts are falling out the bottom of the bra, the band is too big/stretched out.
If the band keeps hiking up in back, go down a band size but get the comparable cup size. It will be the same cup coverage but snugger in the band.
You want the center gore (the part between the cups) to be flat/flush against your skin. You should not be able to put you keys in this space--it's not a pocket. If the center gore isn't flat, go up a cup and down a band--see below for conversion.
Don't be afraid of letters beyond DD. It is what it is. Wouldn't you rather have a bra that fits rather than a specific size. Though, I did encounter a customer who refused to believe she was a 36DDD and only because she had to have a VS bra.
Bra math:
32C=34B or 30D
34D=36C or 32DD
36DD=38D or 34DDD
38DDD=40DD or 36DDDD

D=D (4" difference between band size and cup size)
DD=E (5")
DDD=EE=F (6")
One last tidbit...we all have mismatched breasts...some as much as a cup difference. Fit the larger cup. You can always add to the smaller one. You can't make the larger one smaller with a bra.
Can't find your size in stores, try,, or They all have beautiful bras in a huge range of sizes...all the way from 28A to 52J.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

my paper on Consumer Behavior

Consumer Behavior

“Buying six for $30 is like buying three and getting three free,” I tell my customers as they browse the Beauty section of Victoria’s Secret, VS. “Really?” they ask as they load up the “shopper”—a mesh bag they can carry around the store with them as they shop. My two years of experience has shown me that customers are more likely to buy more when they have something to fill up versus carrying around individual pieces. And everybody loves getting something for FREE.
It doesn’t matter that a single shower gel is only $9. I rarely see adults buy just one. Teenagers, yes, because most of them are shopping with their babysitting money or an allowance. Mom and Dad shop with credit cards and it’s a rare occasion that they buy only one product. At a minimum, they usually buy two and usually because we, the trusted VS employees, are telling them their fragrance will last longer if they “layer it”—apply the lotion then spray the coordinating scent. If they have two, we let them know “for just $5 more, they can get one more product.” I’ve had customers come to the counter with their, now, three products and I’ll tell them: “for just $6 you can THREE additional products” and off they go to get their three more products. Obviously, the total benefit on paying just $30 for six products is high: individual fragrance products cost an average of $8 and they’re getting six for just $30, instead of 6 for $48, they are seeing a consumer surplus of $18, which is almost like getting a tad more than 2 items totally for free.
Another enticing trick where VS uses free stuff is the PINK dog with any PINK purchase (PINK is a VS sub-brand). One customer, Momof1andDog from the MSN message boards, can be quoted as saying: Yep definitely do it, love their stuff! Another poster, Martivir, on the message boards said: If they had something free that I wanted yes I would have bought something I didn't need to get it. Just yesterday, a man brought his daughter and wife in and asked his daughter: Do you want a doggie? Of course she said yes. Mom was compelled into making a purchase—PINK panties five for $25 versus $7.50 a pair, what a deal—just so her daughter could have the “doggie” that Dad promised her. Her marginal benefit could be measured more by her daughter’s happiness than in dollars. As for the PINK panties, they had a consumer surplus of $12.50. When it comes to Consumer Behavior, Victoria’s Secret (and all the other well known chains) have it down. ALL of VS’ undies have discounted prices if you buy a specific (multiple) quantity and they’re constantly running promotions—30% off all Prestige giftsets, get $100 passbook of savings if you sign up for the Angel credit card, and the biggie during the holiday season: get bag A when you spend $50, get bag B when you spend $100, get bag C when you spend $150, get all three when you spend $250. Pure genius and we fall for it every time.

Monday, October 20, 2008

More coupons

These are all frozen/refridge items:
Jose Ole
Dole frozen fruit
Deli Creations
Mrs T's pierogies
Super pretzel
Hola Fruta
On-cor entrees
Hot pockets ultimate
Ore-Ida steam n mash
Lean pockets
California pizza kitchen
Hormel Natural Choice
Joan of Arc cheese
Stouffers family size entree
White Castle
Tuscan dairy cream
Kozy shack
Smuckers uncrustables
Country crock
LOL fresh buttery taste
Tai Pei entree
Green Giant stir fry
Wanchai ferry
Johnsonville italian sausage
Perdue chicken
Tyson chicken
Bob Evans sandwiches
Texas Toast
Green Giant Just for One
Green Giant bagged veggies
Pilsbury refridgerated rolls/breads
Dole salads
Pizza rolls
Pilsbury Savorings
Mountain High yoghurt
Dannon Light & Fit
Colombe yogurt
Yoplait Whips
Breyers yogurt
just leave me a comment, if you'd like some.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Coupons up for grabs...

I didn't want to take up a whole bunch of room on the message board so I'm posting here. Please leave me a comment for the ones that you'd like.
Texas toast croutons
Red pack maters
Valley Fresh chicken products
Hormel chunk meat
Starkist creations pouch
True Lemon/Lime/Orange product
Hungry Jack taters
Swanson broth
Macaroni Grill dinner kit
Smuckers sugar free fruit spreads
Skippy p.b.
Jif p.b.
Goober p.b. & j.
Campbell's soup (various)
V8 soup
Hamburger Helper
Barilla pasta
Sargento's potato finishers
Ronzoni pasta
French's Fried Onions
Knorr rice/pasta side dishes
Carolina Basmati
Uncle Ben's
Pep Farm Bagels
Stroehmann breads
Dixie Crystals
Domino Sugar
If you're not on the Google doc, please email me your address. If you've mailed me woofies in the past, I probably have your address because I cut the return addy of the envies that I receive.
Toaster Strudel
Carnation Breakfast
Capn Crunch
Fiber One
Quaker Instant Oatmeal
Hungry Jack pancake mix/Johnsonville sausage
Oatmeal Crisp
I'm only posting three "categories" so keep your eyes peeled for future posts.
Turkey Hill ice cream
Hershey's Extra Dark
Sara Lee pound cake
B.C. Warm Delights
Mrs. Smith's or Edwards single products
Eskimo Pie
Ghiradelli Squares
Pilsbury Reduced Sugar baking items
Jello Singles
D.H. oven ready brownies
B.C. cookie mix

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sticking it out...

I decided to stick it out at Vicky's. I just can't give up the discount. ;)
I also started school for this term. My midterm is Tuesday. Micoreconomics. Almost fun but somewhat difficult to understand. The graphs on Supply and Demand and curves and what-not. Grr!!!
Wish me luck.

Monday, August 25, 2008

At a crossroads?

The part-time job at Vicky's Secret has really been on my mind lately. There have been some scheduling conflicts the past couple weeks that have made it very difficult to want to go. I didn't apply there to work a second full time job but I've worked enough hours in the above mentioned time frame that it feels like full time. The scheduling system decided that since I put in that I could work ANY day, it was going to schedule me for EVERY day. I worked four shifts two weeks ago and three last week. I'm used to working two, maybe three in a PAY PERIOD not per week. I still love the discount though and I love helping customers find something that fits and makes them feel pretty/sexy/desirable. I'm sure I'll stick it out for quite awhile.

Friday, June 13, 2008

New Job

Two weeks ago, I started my new job in the "Continous Process Improvement" office. Really. That's its name. We go through the various workcenters in the Maintenance Group and perform inspections that enable said workcenters to keep things in order. Sometimes you work in one place so long that you get used to the clutter that just happens to accumulate in various places in the shop. We help identify those by bringing our unbiased perspective to the shop.
I'm off today because I'm working 12 hour shifts next week and, really, there isn't a whole lot for me to do being that I'm so new. The nice thing is that I'll be on dayshift with weekends off for a year...unless they go through with the reorg and then I'll be headed back to my squadron.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Give when you can...

Being a Big Sister with Big Brothers/Big Sisters really limits the ways that I can help my Little's family out. Like a lot of people, I will give what I can if I know someone is in need. Unfortunately, being a Big ties my hands to that. However, there is nothing in the rules that says that I can't give presents for birthdays or other holidays so this is a picture of the goodies that I'm giving to my Little's mom as a belated birthday/mom's day gift.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

My best score for one type of product has got to be gum. I bought 12 packs of Trident valued at $14.28 for $5.38, 24 packs of Extra valued at $28.56 for $6.36, and 10 10-packs of Wrigley's valued at $19.90 for $0!! That's more than $60 worth of products for $11.74.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Just what does a years' worth of cat food look like? Take a look over yonder...
There's another cabinet with four more bags of kibble as well. The canned food is 3 x 3 and stacked 13 high in the cabinet and then there's 7 24-packs next to the "troughs." Those are my babies...from left to right: Buster (Bu-bus), Mocha (Mokie), and Dusty (Dusters).

Friday, April 18, 2008

You can't see everything all at once...

Behind that Avon bottle is 12 deodorants.

I've bought lots of stuff but haven't spent nearly what I could have!

Looking at my Excel spreadsheet, I've bought more than 400 items worth $1055 but have paid only $574. So far, a 45% savings. Still learning. Here's a picture of my part of my stash...
When haircolor is less than $5, you don't hesitate to snatch it up. I've got the range of brown and red plus a couple blond. lol.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Good Day to Start

I've had blogs before but they were in locations that were very specific and pertained to a very small part of me. I'd like to be a bit more broad with the subject matter and this appears to be a good place to do so.