Saturday, October 18, 2008

Coupons up for grabs...

I didn't want to take up a whole bunch of room on the message board so I'm posting here. Please leave me a comment for the ones that you'd like.
Texas toast croutons
Red pack maters
Valley Fresh chicken products
Hormel chunk meat
Starkist creations pouch
True Lemon/Lime/Orange product
Hungry Jack taters
Swanson broth
Macaroni Grill dinner kit
Smuckers sugar free fruit spreads
Skippy p.b.
Jif p.b.
Goober p.b. & j.
Campbell's soup (various)
V8 soup
Hamburger Helper
Barilla pasta
Sargento's potato finishers
Ronzoni pasta
French's Fried Onions
Knorr rice/pasta side dishes
Carolina Basmati
Uncle Ben's
Pep Farm Bagels
Stroehmann breads
Dixie Crystals
Domino Sugar
If you're not on the Google doc, please email me your address. If you've mailed me woofies in the past, I probably have your address because I cut the return addy of the envies that I receive.
Toaster Strudel
Carnation Breakfast
Capn Crunch
Fiber One
Quaker Instant Oatmeal
Hungry Jack pancake mix/Johnsonville sausage
Oatmeal Crisp
I'm only posting three "categories" so keep your eyes peeled for future posts.
Turkey Hill ice cream
Hershey's Extra Dark
Sara Lee pound cake
B.C. Warm Delights
Mrs. Smith's or Edwards single products
Eskimo Pie
Ghiradelli Squares
Pilsbury Reduced Sugar baking items
Jello Singles
D.H. oven ready brownies
B.C. cookie mix


Lillie said...

Nidena- I would love the Ronzoni Pasta and the Cap'n Crunch coupons, if you don't mind! Thanks, I am on the google doc.

Shelly said...


I'll take the Knorr/Lipton side Qs.