Monday, October 20, 2008

More coupons

These are all frozen/refridge items:
Jose Ole
Dole frozen fruit
Deli Creations
Mrs T's pierogies
Super pretzel
Hola Fruta
On-cor entrees
Hot pockets ultimate
Ore-Ida steam n mash
Lean pockets
California pizza kitchen
Hormel Natural Choice
Joan of Arc cheese
Stouffers family size entree
White Castle
Tuscan dairy cream
Kozy shack
Smuckers uncrustables
Country crock
LOL fresh buttery taste
Tai Pei entree
Green Giant stir fry
Wanchai ferry
Johnsonville italian sausage
Perdue chicken
Tyson chicken
Bob Evans sandwiches
Texas Toast
Green Giant Just for One
Green Giant bagged veggies
Pilsbury refridgerated rolls/breads
Dole salads
Pizza rolls
Pilsbury Savorings
Mountain High yoghurt
Dannon Light & Fit
Colombe yogurt
Yoplait Whips
Breyers yogurt
just leave me a comment, if you'd like some.


Rebecca said...


Oooh, if no one has claimed them yet, I would love the v8 soup, deli creations, dole salad, fiber one, and chocolate q's...thanks in advance! I am on the google doc. And please let me know if there's anything special you are looking for :)


Shelly said...


I can use the dole frozen fruit, lean pockets, ore-ida steam and mash and texas toast.

Oh, thanks again for telling me about the RA Friskies deal....I would have never noticed it in the ad this week.