Monday, August 25, 2008

At a crossroads?

The part-time job at Vicky's Secret has really been on my mind lately. There have been some scheduling conflicts the past couple weeks that have made it very difficult to want to go. I didn't apply there to work a second full time job but I've worked enough hours in the above mentioned time frame that it feels like full time. The scheduling system decided that since I put in that I could work ANY day, it was going to schedule me for EVERY day. I worked four shifts two weeks ago and three last week. I'm used to working two, maybe three in a PAY PERIOD not per week. I still love the discount though and I love helping customers find something that fits and makes them feel pretty/sexy/desirable. I'm sure I'll stick it out for quite awhile.


Jenny said...

How do you manage to fit it with your other full time job during the day? Or does VS have evening shifts too? Hang-in in there.

Amiyrah said...

ooh goody! a new post from you! I definitely feel your pain. Reminds me of when I had 3(yes 3) jobs at one time, 2 part time and 1 full time. The part time jobs wanted to use me ALL the time, knowing I had a steady full time job and they knew that I needed the money, so they continued to do it.
It's even harder when you like the job. Hopefully you can figure out what's best for you.

Lisa said...

How that would be hard. You cant pick the 2 or 3 days they've been working you and tell them they need to get someone else for the other shifts?

You can also take it as a compliment that they like working you so much even that it's tiring.