Saturday, June 27, 2009

A week later and it doesn't hurt as bad.

By Monday, I was able to move around without wishing my head wasn't so heavy. I went to the doctor that morning and he diagnosed "cervical strain." Sounds kind of gynecological, doesn't it? He also put me on a profile for "no pushups, no situps, and no running"; which means the only part of my PT test that I could do would be: taping my ab circumference. That's not good. Max points I would get for my 34.5 inch waist would be 71. I need 75. Anyhow, he also gave me Tramadol for the pain. I took it at 1oam Monday morning and had a buzz by 11am. I couldn't even leave for lunch 'cause I didn't trust myself to drive. One of my coworkers shared her lunch with me. Thank goodness. I took another pill Monday night with the thought that the "buzz" would/could happen while I was sleeping.
Unfortunately, that wasn't the case but I didn't realize it until I was halfway to work Tuesday morning. We had Commander's Call at 5:45am because someone got a DUI. Halfway through it, I had to rush to the bathroom so that I could be sick. So much for breakfast. An hour or so after the CC Call was over, I went to sick call. They tried to get me to come back that afternoon cause it was 8:01 and sick call was over at 8am. I said: "I'm having a reaction to the medication the doctor gave me. I don't think waiting til this afternoon would be a smart move." Long story, short: no pain medication for me. I'm allergic to Ibuprofen products so I can't even take an anti-inflamatory.
My neck is currently just a little sore. The profile my doc put me on expired Friday. That would mean I would have to test all components of the PT test. It hurt to do situps and I didn't want to injure myself further and run the risk of failing my PT test. See, the Fitness Director has us do pushups and situps first, then we run. If I did situps before I ran, I might hurt myself to a point that it would compromise how I performed on the run. So, back to the doc I get an amended profile--no pushup, no situps but run okay. I got that. Yeah!
So, I test this coming week. Sometime before Friday because Friday is our holiday day off and Monday, the day my PT test is due by, is a base down day. Wish me luck and have a good weekend.