Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mar 9th

I was up at 4:15 this morning. I wanted to ensure that I had plenty of time to pack some snacks and lunch since I wouldn't be able to leave my workplace for 12 hours. I didn't sleep so well 'cause I was afraid I'd oversleep. I normally get up at 6:15 so those two hours earlier was a killer. I woke up tired. The day went fairly quick though so it wasn't too bad. Now, I'm watching Biggest Loser on hulu.com and playing Farmville on Facebook. Gonna hit the sack in a bit. Have a good evening. :)

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hitenney said...

Hi Nidena- I caught sight of your name when doing a little blog-bouncing and wondered what you were up to! I miss seeing you on the GC. I'm just not on the computer enough (or without work to do, I should say) to keep up with everyone I'd like to. I'm probably not telling you anything new, but I wondered if you get pre-cursors to your migraines? I usually get visual symptoms more than an hour before my head hurts, and I'm lucky in that if I take an extra-big dose of Advil or Aleve (or the generic versions, of course) as soon as I start "seeing lights", it saves me from the worst of the headache.
Otheriwse, how are you? I actually popped in to see if you had written any more about your surgery, and if you are glad you did it. I am contemplating some surgery, so your comments would be appreciated.
OK - have to go buy more tuna while is 3/$1 !!!
Tenney (hitenney)