Saturday, March 20, 2010

The habits that you don't realize...

Last Saturday, I called my Little Brother's mom and explained that I couldn't continue to be her son's Big Sister. (I chucked the story idea that I mentioned in the previous post). I explained that it shouldn't be so difficult to get together. Since December, I've made plans to take him and have made it all the way to their house to discover that he was sick, or they had forgotten and had gone somewhere else, or guests and shown up unexpectedly and they had to go with them. And this wasn't just once or twice; we're talking more than five (but fewer than 10) times. That's a lot if you take into consideration that the town was snowed in for a cumulative total of almost three weeks in between Dec and the beginning of March; plus the various holidays and the family plans that go with that. So all in all, there was about eight attempts in two months that fell through. But that's not the point of this post. The point is that he and I were matched for more than two years. That's two years of every other week or every three weeks making plans to do something. Today I was thinking: oh, I should call Penny to see if Daevon wants to go .
I feel good that I ended it on good terms and I think that I prepared him for his next stage in life. He'll be ten in May. When I woke up last Saturday morning, I woke up with the feeling that God was saying: you've done your part, it's time to let him move on. I don't think I can provide what he needs any far as being a Big Sister. I don't think my next Little will be a Little Brother. It was really too difficult. I don't feel like we really connected. My next Little, in six months or so, will be a Little Sister.

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