Sunday, March 14, 2010

A little late but...Mar 10th

I'm not quite dragging butt today but there is a definite tiredness related grogginess present. I did sleep straight through from about 9:30 last night til my alarm went off at 4:15. I got breakfast and almost completely dressed by 4:45 and realized that I could lay back down for another 30 minutes. So I did.
I wasn't able to sleep though. My brain kept going over the things that I need to discuss with my Big Bro/Big Sis Little Brother. More often than not, he's pouty and uncooperative when I go to pick him up. And this has been going on for almost a year now. It's very discouraging and makes me want to discontinue being his Big Sister. I think I'll write a story about me and him that conveys how I feel. I think he might better understand it if I do it that way rather than just having a sit down talk with him. He's 9 and a smart kid but it would probably be less accusatory. Although, if we did have a sit down I would use lots of "I" statements vs "when you" or "you don't." I think those statements, universally, put people on the defensive no matter their age.

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