Friday, January 30, 2009

food budget

This week really shot my attempt to live off my stockpile all to hell. I was detailed out for 12 hour shifts, four days this week. Monday, I brought my own lunch. Tuesday, I had lunch at the base bowling alley (two meals--one for there and one to go for later) $10. Wednesday, a friend went to Safeway to get some coffee and I opted to get one of their sandwiches, a bowl of potato cheese soup (and a hot chocolate) $11. Thursday, the same friend and I went to Giacomo's. Long story short, I paid for both of us, $18. So, in four days, I managed to spend the same amount on food that I had spent the other 25 days. Grrr. Still, my monthly grocery/dining out total came to less than $100.
Ever spent 8-12 hours doing nothing except checking paperwork for people who drive through a gate? That's how I spent the last four days. Thank goodness we had Spinning in my FitCamp this morning. I hadn't gone all week because my Commander excused me from it in order to fulfil the detail.
Back to the gym tomorrow. I finished out the week of crappy eating by having no lunch just Chinese dumplings from the Commissary and a whole can of sweet 'n' crunchy peanuts all washed down with a lemon Snapple. Dinner was a bag of Good 'n' Plenty and a cream soda from Happy Harry's/Walgreens. I will be so glad to get back to my normal routine.
Tomorrow brings about grocery shopping. Metro grocery store is closing so I figure I'll head over there to check out their prices. Gotta do some laundry too. I'm nearly out of black socks.


Lisa B. said...

A bag of good n plenty? You poor thing! I hope you are back to a normal routine this week so you can eat better.

nidena said...

I have to admit: they are my favorite candy. I used to hate black licorice but not any more. :)

Chicagolandia said...

Doesn't it feel so good to get back to your routine? I can't imagine sitting checking paperwork all day.