Sunday, February 22, 2009 a nutshell

Whew! This month is nearly gone. I work 12 hour shifts again this week. I'm hoping it doesn't enable me to gain another 1.9 lbs in four days because that just wrecks havoc on the Biggest Winner competition going on at work. I'm down a net of four pounds. I refuse to change my weight tracker until it actually gets lower than the last time I posted. Besides, I never know which scale to believe. My home scale reads 176, the gym scale reads 180.6, and the scale where I weigh in for the B.W. read 181.2.
I was back at the gym in the evenings last week. The week before I was very sick with that cold/flu that was going around and the week before that my evening workout partner was sick. We're all better now. So, I was in the gym eight times since last Sunday--M-F, Tues eve, Thurs eve, and today. I'm lifting heavier weights in order to increase my muscle mass. Muscle burns more calories than fat, so it's good to have them larger (and stronger). I can see some serious definition in my thighs. I can almost see the four separate muscles--not in their entirety considering that two are under the rectus femorous (my anatomy class is paying off)--but I can see the lines of demarcation between them.
The 12 hour shifts are going to hurt a bit so I'm going to see what I can incorporate into my day while I'm checking paperwork and stuff.
I also received my new mail scale. That is something to be excited about. I can actually weigh packages at home and utilize the "postage at home" function on the USPS website. You can save about .50 a package by printing at home. Then you just drop it off at the Post Office. If I mail 20 packages, that's a savings of $10!


Shelly said...

I need to get serious about losing weight. I think I'll add one of those trackers to my blog.

bugsi033 said...

You can do it! I need to get back with the program as well. I really believe that 75 lbs of me is made up of Dorito's. I'm surprised I don't crunch when I sit down. It doesn't help that I'm only 5'4.5" My doctor won't even show me at an even 5'5". Maybe we could have our own version of the WIRR but ours would be the fat butt racers!

Shelly said...

LOL I was part of the weightloss group on WIRR, but I didn't last long. THey had you post measurements every other week, and I never could measeure the same spot two times in a row. I'm only
5'3 and I outweigh you.

nidena said...

Shelly, my best (in town) friend is the same way. She's 5'4" and is working her weigh down from 195. To her favor, it's all boobs and butt. The woman looks like a fertility goddess minus the belly.
I was succesful in not gaining this week. As a matter of fact, when she and I met up at the gym Tuesday and tonight, I weighed myself and it showed a one pound weight loss in just those two days. I weigh in tomorrow for the contest. There are only two weeks left. I'm not striving to lose big immediately but, rather, to lose small consistently.