Friday, April 5, 2013

Looking forward to heading home next month.

Every so often, the list of things that I miss and/or took for granted while not deployed rears its head.  Some of those things:
Not having to wear a uniform any time I exit my domicile
Being able to grocery shop
Being able to shop, period
Driving more than two or three miles
Picking up the phone and calling my friends and family
Living in more than one room
Sleeping on a bed that is larger than a twin AND has a firm mattress
Living alone
Leaving work and actually leaving the whole place that I work not just my workcenter/shop
Spending time with folks who aren't military
Being able to be my "off duty" self
Being able to work out in clothes that are comfortable vs having to wear the PT uniform--did I mention that the crotch ends, literally, four inches above my knees?
My front-load washer with its lack of agitator which doesn't tear up my Delicates
Not having to be quiet cause people are sleeping
Having my kitties around to love on.

However, there has been plus sides to being here:
Saved up $10,000 in four months
Haven't had to buy gas
Shower gel, shampoo, conditioner and other basic toiletries can be found for free at numerous locations around the post
The latrine and shower area is cleaned daily and not by me
Care packages
Getting to know better the folks that I work with
Expanding my system knowledge quite a bit
Got to come to a whole new country that I had never been in
Not having to pay for electricity

Definitely more Cons that Pros to being deployed but at least I can say now that I *have* deployed--first time in my 17 year career.

Still can't wait to get home though.  :)

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