Thursday, July 30, 2009

Surgery results...

I don't know exactly how many inches I've lost just yet. I still have quite a bit of uneven swelling plus now my skin is starting to hurt because the nerves that were beat into numbness are starting to wake up. If currently feels like a cross between sunburn and how your scalp feels when you take out a pony tail that has been worn a bit too long.
I do know this: the day before my surgery, I tried on jeans at Old Navy--size 14 in the styles of Diva and Sweetheart. Last weekend, I went back to the store and was able to easily zip up a pair of size 12s. Granted, I had my girdle on but it doesn't hold in that much. Really, it kind of pushes what is there to different locations. I will go back in a couple weeks and try them on again, sans girdle, and see how well they really fit.
One reason that I know I still have swelling is how my bra is fitting. Pre-surgery, it was hooked on the smallest set of hooks. The week that I went back to work (and had to actually wear a bra again), I could only hook on the largest set of hooks. I am, currently, on the middle set. That tells me that I have at least another inch of swelling that needs to go down where my band sits on my ribs/upper abdomen.


spaghetti0625 said...

Glad to know you're back at work....that means you're healing well :)

Thanks for keeping us updating throughout everything!

I'm planning on hitting the post office today :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry you had to start wearing a bra again lol. I remember after I had Azilee I had been on bedrest and was so used to my PJs. It was hard getting used to jeans again.

Glad you are feeling well.

centralillinoisian said...

I am glad to hear you are doing okay. I am also glad to hear that you area already getting into smaller pants. Even down a size or two can do wonders for the ego! Way to go and I can't wait to hear your final results.