Sunday, July 26, 2009

My Sept itinerary:

The cities that I will be in and when I'll be there:
Sometime between Aug 31st and Sept 4th, I will drive to Altoona, IA.
Sept 9th fly to San Jose, CA
Sept 9th drive from San Jose to Salinas to stay the night with my aunt
Sept 10th drive to Fresno
Sept 10th to Sept 13th bebopping around Fresno
Sept 13th drive to Blythe
Sept 14th to Sept 18th hanging out with my grandma and my mom
Sept 18th back to Fresno
Sept 18th to Sept 22nd bebopping around Fresno again
Sept 23rd fly back to Altoona, IA
Sometime between Sept 24th and Sept 28th, drive back to DE

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