Saturday, May 9, 2009

Trying to declutter...

In my attempt to declutter, I am getting rid of all my excess Victoria's Secret stuff. Want it?
More than $650 worth of Victoria’s Secret products...
Heavenly (yellow box) Gift Set .25 fl oz perfume and Sparkling Angel Body Lotion
Halo (turquoise box) Perfume Spray 2.5 fl oz
Halo (turquoise box) Angel Touch Lotion 8.4 fl oz
Divine (pink box) Angel Touch Lotion 4.2 fl oz
Foxy Lady Velvet Body Crème 7 oz
Foxy Lady Silk Body Lotion 6.7 fl oz
Foxy Lady Eau de Parfum 1.7 fl oz
Vintage Chic Silk Body Lotion 6.7 fl oz
Bohemian Belle Eau de Parfum 1.7 fl oz
Bohemian Belle Silk Body Lotion 6.7 fl oz
Pure Seduction Shimmer Body Lotion 5 fl oz
Pure Seduction Shimmer Body Mist 3.4 fl oz
Pure Seduction Shimmer Body Powder (brush) .16 oz
Amber Romance Body Lotion 5 fl oz
Amber Romance Shimmer Body Mist 3.4 fl oz
Amber Romance Shimmer Body Powder (brush) .16 oz
Body Lotion 6.7 fl oz
Body Lotion 3.4 fl oz
Eau de Parfum Spray .5 fl oz
Candy, Baby Body Glimmer Swirl Cream 5 fl oz
Candy, Baby Body Shimmer Mist 8.4 fl oz
Candy, Baby Body Whip Moisture Cream 10.6 oz
Cherry Bellini Body Lotion 16.9 fl oz
Lime Tartini Body Lotion 16.9 fl oz
Raspberry Cosmo Body Lotion 16.9 fl oz
Dare (purple bottle) Eau de Parfum 1 fl oz
For Him Gift Set Cologne 1.7 fl oz and After Shave Hydrator 3.4 fl oz
Moorea Passion Fruit Body Polish 8.8 oz
Tahitian Vanilla Flower Body Butter 7 oz
Bali Orchid Body Butter 7 oz
Eau de Parfum vials .09 fl oz ea
Dream Angels Desire (lavender box)
Dream Angels Divine (pink box)
Dream Angels Heavenly (yellow box)
Dream Angels Wish (blue/white box)
Body by Victoria
Sexy Little Things
Sexy Little Things Ooh La La
Very Sexy (red bottle)
Very Sexy Hot (pink bottle)
Very Sexy Dare (purple bottle)
I'd exchange all of it for a $250 gift card for Rite Aid, Safeway, SuperFresh, Target, Walgreens, or a combination of any/all of those stores. The products actually total $664.50 and shipping will be about $30. That's a 64% savings. I'll even throw in two (worn twice each) bras in size 38D, if they're your size.
I'm just tired of having it sit around and take up space. If no takers by the 15 May, I'll list it on ebay. Maybe that will facilitate getting rid of it. :)
Items in green have been spoken for. All others are still up for grabs.


Virginia Mom said...

Will you only sell everything together or could I chose a few things and send you a gift certificate for a lesser amount? It all sounds great but that's a bit more than I can spend. I understand if you want to sell it all together.

spaghetti0625 said...

oh man, I'd love to take it ALL, but I can't afford ALL of that LOL.
HOWEVER, I do love the Halo and they discontinued it after I fell in love with it (figures!) Can i buy just those off of you? I may be able to pick it up, you're in delaware and I'm going through there tomorrow and back up in 2 weeks. I didn't look through the rest, but I figured I'd get my dibs on the Halo if you're willing to :)

nidena said...

I am more than willing to break it into smaller selections. I just want to get rid of it. Email me a list of what you'd like and I'll reply with a $$ total. I will maintain the 64% discount but round it up to the nearest $1. For example:
Halo lotion and perfume $69 retail minus 64% ($44.19) = $ $25 would be the total for those two items. Cash is welcome too if that's easier. lol.

Oot-N-Aboot said...

I LOVE the Dream Angels with the pink color cap, I guess it is the Divine! I would be glad to take those off your hands!

nidena said...

Oot, I can send it your way. I have only a small lotion as an individual item. I'll send it your way on Monday. When you receive it, you can send whatever method of reimbursement you choose. Stamps are a welcome trade too. :)

spaghetti0625 said...

I'll take the Halo Spray! I didn't realize the other was the lotion. I have a few bottles of the lotion myself, but I don't use idea why. I'm weird I guess. Also these things:
Body by Victoria
Sexy Little Things
Sexy Little Things Ooh La La

Are they clothes or more perfumey type stuff? Once they got rid of Halo, I gave up on VS...LOL.
How far off of 95 are you? Just trying to see if it'd be easier to stop by on the way back up, or just pay you to ship it to me.

Virginia Mom said...

I'd like the Heavenly gift set. Let me know the $ amount! (I like the Divine, too, if Ooty doesn't take it for some reason.)

Kathleen said...

Will certainly be thinking about you passing your PT test. (I'm assuming this is physical fitness, if not, fill me in). However, if it is, maybe you could hire a personal trainer to build up your strength). Good luck! On another note,when is your big sale. Can't wait to hear how you do. With all the interest in your VS, you are off to a good start!!!

nidena said...

I've got all requests set aside. I'll package them up tonight and get them in the mail tomorrow.

Virginia Mom said...

Please let me know the amount I need to send you- do you need my email address? Make sure you include the postage amount in the total!

hitenney said...

Hi Nidena;
I have a cousin who's a big VS fan. So this would really help me with a gift for her birthday in June. Could you tell me the price for:
Halo Turquoise Box Angelt Touch lotion
Amber Romance Shimmer Body Powder
Amber Romance Shimmer Mist
Tahitian Vanilla Flower Body Buuter

All of these I know she likes!
Thank you Nidena!
Tenney (hitenney)

solisjenny said...


I would love to buy the Very Sexy for Him. Let me know price, if possible can you please email me at (proudmommy)

Laura said...

Do you have any of this VS stuff left? Interested in taking some off your hands- i know you posted this a few years ago- just figured I would check.