Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Tuesdays at Forty: The "New Normal" is now Just "Normal"

Things are just rolling along.  My stress level has decreased significantly or maybe I'm just handling it better.  Numerous other expenses and projects have presented themselves but I just take a look at what takes precedence and move on from there.  Case in point: Got the Jeep maintenance taken care of and now I discover I have termites in my cellar and wood-boring beetles in my attic, as well as two leaks in my roof.  The pest control guy is here, now, as I type this, spraying all kinds of good stuff to kill the little bastards.  I have a few roof guys coming out this week and next to provide me with estimates to get the leaks taken care of.  They're also giving me quotes for the attic windows that need replacing.

I also contacted my mortgage company about refinancing my house.  It's not underwater any more and rates are lower than my current rate so I figured: Why not?  The worst they can say is: No.  And, actually, the Chase guy said I'm good to go--thank you, high credit score and decent equity--so now I'm just waiting their cogs to do what needs to be done and see what rate I get.  I'm aiming for 3.5%--a full 1% less than what I have.  That would save me about $100 a month on the payment.  I opted to pay points to get as low an interest rate as possible and roll the cost for doing so into the mortgage.  I don't plan on being here more than another three years so I'm not too concerned about the reset to another 30 year loan.  And, if I decide that renting out the house is easier, initially, than selling, I'll have that much more cushion between my payment and the monthly rent while keeping the (potential) renter's payment fairly low.

Anyhow, I think there are two specific things contributing to me handling my stress better: I'm taking better care of myself (eating better and getting in more physical activity) and I'm parking my butt in front of my gohonzon more regularly.  You just don't know what it means to get yourself straight with yourself with daily chanting sessions until you're not doing it.  I don't recommend not doing it.  Nichiren Buddhism is vital to me.

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

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