Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Effect of Nightshift on My Life

     I definitely have more time for introspection and whatnot when I'm trying to make it through an overnight shift.  Anything to get me through 12 hours.  In this case, I have only seven hours to go for this evening.  The new job at White House/Black Market is going really well.  I love to see the new products that come out every couple weeks and to have our customers come in and the team be able to play dress-up with a real, live person is so much fun.  There is still a lot to learn but the skills that I'm learning will make me that much better, for sure.  To get someone in the fitting room and help them find an outfit (or three or six) that makes them feel more beautiful than they already are is an awesome feeling.  To make an income while doing that is just a bonus.  To also be able to refer customers to my favorite (non-matrix sized) bra and lingerie store, Buttercups, just adds even more fun to the mix.
    So, between the full time Air Force job, the part time VS job, and the part time WHBM job, there's not much time for anything else.  I do get a few spare hours here and there to attend a gathering, meeting, or chanting session with my Buddhism group, which is awesome.  Because of those commitments, I'm really selective on how I spend my time outside of those things.  I don't waste it with people whose company I find distasteful.  I don't waste it doing things that are unenjoyable--dentist and doctor visits are unavoidable unfortunately.  I can only hope that those whom I do choose to spend my time with realize that I carve time out of my schedule specifically for them.  And I'm glad for their company when they choose to make time for me in theirs.
     Part of my ponderings this evening...the first date that hasn't yet happened.  It's been delayed a couple times because of unavoidable yet understandable life events--on each side of the equation--which makes me wonder how it's going to go even more.  He's a good looking fella with a common sense brain in his noggin.  Fairly tall but not so tall that he would tower over me even in my 4" heels.  Although I don't know his life goals just yet, I know he's ambitious and has plans for his future--always a plus.  I've known him for a few years and I don't think he's ever made an inaccurate assessment about the folks that he knows and works with.  He's firm but fair.  Funny yet serious when the situation calls for it.  And I'm intrigued to learn more about him.  I'm looking forward to seeing how well we interact in a more casual setting. 

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