Monday, February 11, 2013

Three (almost) down, (nearly) three to go...

I’m coming up on three months in on this “vacation” and although I can’t say that it’s dragging, it sure as heck isn’t flying by either.  Very little changes from day to day.  Every day we have planes that need to be caught, inspected, fixed, and then launched; lather, rinse, repeat every few hours.  I do have a new roommate—a Marine corporal in the Reserves.  This one is about ten years younger than me.  She’s from one of the Carolinas…I think North.  The important thing is: we work similar hours so neither of us are keeping the other awake.  Though, she does sleep about two hours more than I do in the mornings so I’m often getting dressed by the light of my computer screen.  And she usually stays awake for an hour or so after me but since she doesn’t care if I turn out the main light while she’s watching a movie on her computer, I’m able to fall asleep at a decent time…when we’re not staying up, talking. 
The savings account is growing at a good rate.  With the few deposits that I made in January, I’ve already netted $15 interest.  I won’t sneeze at that.  Anything is good with the way rates and returns are nowadays.  I’ve deposited more since then--to coincide with the Feb 1st paycheck—and will continue to deposit as much as I can each paycheck.  My goal is to reach the max of $10,000 in deposits before I leave here.  I’m almost halfway there and will be by the time *I’m* halfway.  J 
Had another visit to the “salon” on base.  Got my eyebrows waxed.  Yeah, they went a little too skinny even though I said “No skinny, just clean.”  Oh, well, it was only $5 and they’ll grow back.  I don’t see myself getting them done again until I get home.  There’s going to be a “Works” done for sure.  Trim, highlights, lowlights, brows, and a pedicure.
I’ve got an Off-Base Adventure coming up in a couple weeks so there will be more to share then.  J

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